Special Operations' Response Team can respond with our "Security Consulting & Support Staff Members" for any type of natural or unnatural disaster in Sheboygan County. We can respond to weather related events, securing insurance company temporary facilities, communication & command post facilities, securing buildings destroyed by fire or floods, or pending arson investigations. Our teams are completely self supporting with their own needed equipment, speciality vehicles, supplies and generators. We provide everything needed to support our assignment without the need of any outside services. When responding our Response Team will work with your staff or local security agencies and law enforcement in a supportive and consulting role. For events and disasters in the State of Wisconsin, we can offer fully trained and certified armed and unarmed security officers as needed along with supplies and equipment to support our mission and secure your facility or assigned areas. For more Information and details feel free to contact our emergency number at: (920) 457-9008. Special Operations Response Team can respond for any natural or unnatural disaster anytime, anywhere. We can usually respond just about anywhere within 24 hours of receiving a call. Made with Xara If you are interested in more information, contact us at: Phone: (920) 457-9008, or E-mail: specialopsk9unit@sbcglobal.net Special Operations Detective Agency 1517 S. 12th Street, Sheboygan, WI 53081 Phone: (920) 457-9008 specialopsk9unit@sbcglobal.net www.special-operations.com Designed by: